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RNLI Donations – The Cost of Saving Lives

Sunday, Dec 18, 2016

When an accident happens on the English coastline, we are dependent upon the skill and expertise of the RNLI.

What many people don’t realise is that the RNLI is a charity which depends upon donations to survive.

But have you ever wondered where your donations go?

The crews are almost entirely made up of volunteers who are not paid. The RNLI must, however, pay to ensure their crew members have the necessary equipment.

Every crew member working in an inshore lifeboat needs certain equipment which costs the following:

  • Sea-going gloves – £20
  • Drysuit – £750
  • Thermal suit – £225
  • Balaclava – £15
  • Safety helmet – £263
  • Lifejacket – £458
  • Pager – £150

This adds up to a total of £1,881 per person.

Donations are therefore essential to ensure that this life-saving service remains in place. And if you’ve ever wondered where your £20 goes, now you know – a pair of sea-going gloves!

For more information, head to the RNLI website

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