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A Scilly Idea

Monday, Jan 18, 2016

In June last year, two Port Isaac men sailed a Wayfarer Dinghy from Sennen Beach in Land’s End to St Mary’s in the Scilly Isles.

What a Scilly idea!

And who were these two intrepid explorers, who took to the high seas in a 16ft vessel? Only our very own Colin Shepherd (owner of the Beach House) and John Lethbridge (of the Fisherman’s Friends).

The plan was formed after Colin successfully circumnavigated the Isle of Wight in 2014 and found himself in want of a new challenge. Two MK1V Hartley Wayfarers with crew were lined up, a date was set and it was all ‘full steam ahead!’

But as with all historic expeditions, the launch date was delayed due to bad weather. After much thumb-twiddling and unpacking/re-packing, a break in the weather appeared. And so it was that on 25th June 2015, the dynamic duo set off from the Cornish mainland.

It wasn’t all plain-sailing, with shipping lanes and bumpy waters to contend with. But after just five and a half hours at sea, Colin and John landed on the beach at St Mary’s – men and boat in one piece.

Colin’s chums from the Chew Valley Sailing Club followed the next day, after which the team enjoyed a week in Scilly Isles, navigating around the coastline to some beautiful beaches and coves.

Rumour has it that one evening they even teamed up with Bone Idol, the Scilly Isles’ sea shanty group. It’s believed the residents of St Agnes are still recovering from Colin’s crooning!

The return journey was again impeded by changeable weather, but an opportunity soon arose and both boats headed homeward-bound. The final leg was far from smooth, but thankfully all four sea-dogs made it safe to shore. Well done to all involved!

Read Colin’s full account in the Wayfarer News magazine (winter 2015 issue 134).

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