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The Great Pasty Debate

Wednesday, Apr 11, 2012

As the great pasty debate continues to rage throughout the country, here at the Beach House in Port Isaac we are feeling particularly put out.

When George Osborne stepped out with his red briefcase at the beginning of the month, none of us expected the announcement that VAT must be paid on hot foods sold in shops – including pasties. And so the humble pasty, for centuries the mainstay of the working man’s diet, has incurred a 20% tax.

Here in Port Isaac, we’re none too impressed! The Cornish pasty has been part of our heritage since the 18th century, when miners and farmers would set off for an arduous day’s work with all but a pasty to sustain them. Favoured for being cheap, convenient and easy to carry, the pasty has evolved over the years into countless different variations. But one thing remains constant, and that’s our love of the Cornish pasty! We hope this recent tax won’t put you off from sharing our passion for this great Cornish classic.

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