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Doc Martin Filming In Port Isaac

Wednesday, Apr 20, 2011

NEWS JUST IN: Port Isaac is hosting the cast and film crew of Doc Martin , starring Martin Clunes ,Caroline Catz and Ian Mc Neice.

Filming started recently and will finish In July 2011. Most of the filming is shot In and around Port Isaac ( Port Wenn in the film).

Doc Martin (Dr Ellingham) is a local G.P who suffers from haemophobia ( fear of blood ) and is also lacking in humour and social skills. He can often be seen around the village both on and off set. When not filming this side of the Doc disappears and Martin Clunes reverts to type!

The surgery interior scenes are shot in a converted barn at a local farm at the top of the village.

There have been four completed series and a special feature show that was broadcast over Christmas. Let’s hope the fifth series will be as good in the TV ratings as the previous four!

I am not quite sure why Scottish TV has not taken up the chance to show Doc Martin with ITV getting 10.29 million viewers. Fear not the Spanish and French are having versions made for them BRAVO!

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